What is Caul Fat?

Caul Fat is the lacy fatty membrane encasing the internal organs of an animal. Pork caul, often called lace fat, is often used for wrapping patés, terrines, and sausage patties called crépinette. Crépinette is from the French word crépine which means pig’s caul.

Pig’s caul is often considered superior to other lace fat. There are few things better than caul fat for wrapping items to be grilled or roasted- It is amazing stuff!

Chefs that have used caul know it is multifaceted in what it does. The membrane is thin, almost imperceptible after cooking. The beauty is really in the fat veins. These lines of succulent pork fat melt during the cooking, naturally basting the wrapped item while the membrane holds it together.


As a result, you can even layer various items - top with herbs or something similar - and have it all hold together during cooking. Caul Fat is highly perishable so if not using right away, we suggest that it's wrapped tightly in small quantities and frozen.