Family owned and operated since 1986

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Preferred Meats is a family-owned company founded in 1986 with a single goal in mind – To provide the highest quality meat products to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

To develop this goal, owners Bala & Peggy Kironde have focused on working with a close-knit network of farmer producers to acquire products of exemplary quality.

Preferred Meats has gone directly to the growers and producers of our fine products to learn how their livestock is raised, handled, fed and processed.

With this knowledge permeated through our product lineup, we keep in close contact and with our customers to better understand their individual needs all with a view to providing the best quality products and cuts.

At our contract processing facilities nationwide, we cut and process all of our farmer-produced meats into steaks, ground beef, lamb, pork cutlets - and other specialty packages - under strict supervision to ensure quality and consistency.

Our ‘Preferred Cuts’ are always custom, with our focus on cutting for better yields. Our all-natural hanger steaks are ‘pan ready’. Tunnel-boned quail are perfect for stuffing or grilling. Our Berkshire and Duroc pork come from small family-run farms focused on sustainability. Our organic and naturally-raised poultry are locally raised here in Northern California. Our ‘Storm Hill’ brand Angus beef is grass-fed and grain finished while we also carry local Californian 100% grass-fed beef in season alongside the rest of our product range.

Our philosophy of building relationships extends beyond our suppliers to our customers, too. We find that it’s incredibly important to educate and inform about the many ways of preparing our products to promote the whole use of the animal, not just the prime cuts.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks delivers to San Francisco, Sacramento, throughout the Napa Valley, San Jose and across the East Bay. We even ship our meats to Hawaii and have the capacity to deliver almost anywhere within these United States.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about our services and any of the quality products we have on offer.


Bala Kironde - CEO