Beeler Farm Duroc Pork

Tim Beeler has worked tirelessly to get a special Duroc sire that is crossed with Danish Landrace sows. His family farm, which has roots stretching all the way back to 1846 has a strong focus on proper husbandry and the ‘right’ way to raise pigs.

Those years of experience have helped Beeler Farm combine the best of the old and the new, raising pigs without any antibiotics or growth hormones whatsoever. Additionally, all of the livestock on Beeler Farm is reared on all vegetarian ingredients: Corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals.

Beeler Farm also gives their livestock a lot of room to breath, with the operation focused on offering open pens for all pigs.

All of this care and tradition is channeled into the end product delivered by Preferred Meats which we consider to be some of the best pork anywhere on the west coast of the U.S.

Sakura Duroc Pork

Our Heritage program has provided us with our 100% Berkshire pork for a number of years with great success. Berkshire pigs are popular in Japan, where they are widely-known as Korubuta, but Berkshire pork is becoming more and more popular in Northern California restaurants.

With success secured for one line of products having a crossover with Japan, our same Heritage program now brings us the pork breed they call Sakura in Far East Asia.

Sakura is a type of Japanese cherry blossom, known for being delicate and pale pink in color. That pureness and delicacy reflect in the breed.

Our Sakura pork comes from specially raised red Duroc hogs, with an end product renowned for its flavor and ability to marble well. Sakura has a very rich red color with a high PH level which results in better flavor and moisture retention, alongside that excellent marbling.

Our Heritage Sakura pork comes from farms of the highest standards:

- Reared on a diet containing no animal byproducts

- The hogs are never given growth stimulants or antibiotics

- Raised on farms with a focus on high humane standards

- Pork is minimally processed

- Consistent in sizing, flavor and overall quality

The proof is in the end result, a set of premium pork products we’re proud to offer, with some of the richest and deepest flavors available.

Available Cuts

8 Rib Racks

Perfect for roasting. Bone-in, tender and juicy.

Single Rib Bellies

One of the thickest belly cuts available. Versatile and delicious.

Boneless Buts

Cut from the shoulder, perfect for roasting or even when cut into steaks.

Jowl Steaks

Renowned for flavor, a great addition to any menu.

Hind Shanks

From the forearm of the hog, extra tender when slow-cooked.

Short Ribs

Versatile, meaty and a perfect alternative to beef.

Boneless Cushions

Cut from the shoulder, lean and flavorsome.

Cheek Meat

Flavorsome and ideal for braising.


The pork fillet, tender and tasty.

100% Grass-Fed Beef

We are proud to work with Richards Grassfed Beef ranches.

Unlike beef finished on the feedlot, quality grass-fed beef is a breed and terroir-driven product. That can lead to local grass-fed beef being problematic, at least here in the USA. The climate mix of grasses and rainfall all play an important role in a finished product that is not only healthy but also ready for the plate.

At Preferred Meats, we’ve negated the quality and consistency problems many grass-fed beef programs face. Working with small family ranches here in California, these cattle are fed fresh grass from weaning to slaughter and aren’t finished on the feedlots.

100% grass-feeding not only ensures healthier, leaner more flavorsome cattle, but no feedlots equate to less of an impact on the environment. Cattle grazed on pastures are higher in antioxidants and heart-healthy Omega-3 fats.

We have an extensive network of ranchers meaning you can get access to and be confident in the consistency of prime grass-fed beef all year around. We've been working with the Richards Grassfed Beef family since 2015 and they are our number one choice.

Kurobuta Berkshire Pork

For centuries, the Berkshire breed has been celebrated for producing supreme quality gourmet pork. Made popular in Japan, Kurobuta or "Black Pig", has been a well-kept culinary secret.

This delightful breed holds genetic traits that truly make it a cut above the rest and over the past ten years the Berkshire breed has become increasingly popular in Northern California restaurants.

While many others claim to have the best Berkshire pork on the market, our partners at Heritage Pork International have a complete program to guarantee premium quality and true, 100% certified Berkshire Pork. They maintain and keep records to support their animal’s feed, breed, and freshness, ultimately adding up to better taste.

Our Heritage Farms Berkshire Pork comes from small, family-owned farms in Iowa. Only the best purebred hogs are hand selected for the Heritage Kurobuta Berkshire program. This gives us a product that is truly exceptional in quality, consistency, and taste.

Responsibly raised with no sub-therapeutic growth hormones, uniform feed rations, humane handling and no antibiotics in the meat. The end product is all natural with no artificial ingredients:

- Hogs are fed mostly a corn and soy-based feed which creates a sweet flavor in the meat while providing all essential nutrients

- Consistent size of the end product, with high standards of quality control.

- Traceable 100% Certified Purebred Berkshire genetics

- Elevated PH balance which gives the meat a darker, pinkish hue but also allows for better moisture retention

- Tender and more flavorful meat from thinner muscular fibers and exceptional intramuscular marbling

Available Cuts

10 Bone Rib Rack

The prime rib of pork; Tender, juicy and versatile.

Whole Loin

A classic, perfect for roasting.

Single Rib Belly

One of the thickest, juiciest belly cuts available.

Boneless Pork Butt

Cut from the shoulder, perfect for roasting or even when cut into steaks.

Back Fat

Perfect for salting, smoking or rendering.

Cheek Meat

Flavorsome and ideal for braising.

Jowl Steaks

Renowned for flavor, a great addition to any menu.


Versatile and perfect for slow-cooking.

Muscovy Duck

From California’s Central Valley we source fresh Muscovy ducks. These birds are perfect for roasting whole or breaking down and preparing the parts separately. Famous for having very little fat, Muscovy duck offers rich flavor from superior breast and liver.

Moulard Duck Legs

If you don’t have access to a fattened goose then there is no finer medium for confit than Moulard duck legs.

Moulard duck legs are well developed with a depth and richness of flavor that other duck varieties struggle to compete with. There is also enough fat on these legs that - if using the sous-vide method - you can create confit without any extra added fat. Moulard duck legs are also great for braising and can form the centerpiece of any dish.

Moulard Magret Duck Breast

As good as Muscovy duck breast can be, there is no substitute for the richness and depth of flavor from Moulard Magret duck breast.

These amazing breasts, that we source specifically from farms rearing Moulards, are large and meaty with an incredible depth of flavor which is reminiscent of a really good beef steak with a duck finish. Moulard Magret duck breasts are excellent smoked, and can even be used to make outstanding prosciutto.

Coturnix Quail

These specially bred quail produce light meat with a well-rounded, slightly sweet flavor, making them a very versatile choice for chefs.

Sometimes called Pharaoh’s quail, the Coturnix is supposedly the same breed of quail eaten during Biblical times. The delicate meat of Coturnix Quail pairs well with an abundance of flavors, making them the perfect choice for a varied menu.

Coturnix Quail are plump little birds at around 5 oz. each. We perfectly tunnel bone our quail, delivering them ready-made for grilling or stuffing.


Squab, or young pigeon, have been bred as food for centuries dating back to early Asian and Arabic cultures. In fact, the chronicles of history place Squab high on the list of delicacies enjoyed by ancient Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs.

Our squabs are characterized by broad, full breasts. Careful breeding, and a specially formulated diet of natural high proteins and whole grains produces meatier birds.

Parent birds - or ‘breeders’ - mate for life and share the responsibilities of raising their young. Dressed for market four weeks after hatching, the meat of squab is truly unique when compared with other domestic poultry or wild game birds.

Dark, moist and flavorful, squab meat naturally retains more moisture during the cooking process than other poultry meaning it's a very versatile and easy bird to fit into any menu.

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl - also known as Pintade in French and Faraona in Italian - is the African pheasant which used to be a wild bird. Today, it is mostly farm-raised. We source our Guinea Fowl from farms using the highest grade French breeding stock to ensure a consistently top quality bird. Our sources don’t use steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. Feed is also carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of this breed.

Guinea Fowl is a great unique option to sit on any menu as an alternative to chicken. Guinea Fowl meat is white, but the taste is similar to pheasant, with subtle game flavor. The hard work our farms put into their Guinea Fowl, and their high grade of French breeding stock, guarantees a top quality, versatile bird meat time after time.

Our Guinea Fowl are raised in California and fed only all natural whole grains and whole grain derived mash. Firm and plump, the Guinea Fowl is easy to prepare, does not require defatting and is the perfect choice for a diverse menu.

Pacific Regional Lamb

Our sources for regional lamb occupy some of the best pastures anywhere in the U.S.

That includes California’s grasslands through to the great San Joaquin Valley, the lush Oregon grasslands, and the high range plateaus of Idaho and Colorado.

We work with farms who have a strong focus on sustainability and the best animal husbandry. Our regional lamb is never given added hormones, while special attention is focused on the health and stress-levels of each animal.

Our lamb is grazed on grass the vast majority of the time and only given all-vegetarian feed outside of that. We are constantly looking to offer the best sustainable proteins, and our Pacific regional lamb is no exception.

Preferred Goat

There are myths and rumors surrounding goat that assume its meat will be tough and bland. However, that description is only suitable for old dairy animals with poor preparation.

The goat ‘stereotype’ isn’t relevant in this day and age, with young goat meats from our specialist sources proving to be some of the leanest and most tender available. The farms that rear our goats focus on quality and thoroughly research the best time to harvest, typically when a goat reaches nine months of age.

The two varieties of goat that are best for eating are the Spanish goat and the African Boer goat. Both of these breeds have great eating characteristics, just like Angus and Hereford when it comes to beef.

The front section of our goat can be broken down to yield various cuts comparable to lamb. There is also breast meat, as well as spare ribs, a hotel rack and fore-shanks. The hind section of goat yields the strip loin, tenderloins, sirloin and hind-shanks.

When raised and prepared correctly - as our goats are - the meat offers a tender, rich flavor which offers versatility across varied recipes.

Californian Chicken

We are blessed with so many great chicken producers throughout California that we can pick from the cream of the crop to supply the best meat available.

We partner with farmers who have sustainability baked into what they do, raising their poultry in low-stress environments. Our all-natural, free-range chicken programs mean that the end product is consistently tasty and versatile.

In many of the beautiful counties of Northern California and beyond, we find farms that raise and produce some of the best chickens in the world. An example comes from the town of Petaluma which was known as the ‘egg and chicken capital of the world’ in the 40s and 50s. Allen Shainsky, founder of our friends at Petaluma Poultry, even introduced the first commercially available free range chicken in the U.S in 1986. We also source some excellent local birds from the San Joaquin Valley.

Chicken is a staple on many menus, and we’re proud to say that we can offer some of the most tender, flavorsome and robust chicken anywhere across wider California.

Cervena Venison

We are proud to offer the finest New Zealand venison which has the Cervena stamp of approval. This certification is much like approved beef programs in the U.S.

There are defined high standards that the industry has set and venison farmers have to meet them to gain the accreditation. When you see the Cervena stamp you know you’re looking at top quality venison!

Cervena natural venison is a consistent, premium quality product fresh from the open pastures of New Zealand. The certification gets its name from the Latin word for deer, Cervidae and ‘A’ for premium grade.

More than half of New Zealand’s 4,300 deer farms are located in its South Island, set among stunning scenery and a very clean environment. The venison we source has been raised without the addition of any hormones or steroids whatsoever.

Our venison meat is 100% natural, offering impressive tenderness while naturally being lower in fat and higher in protein and iron. Additionally, we’ve worked hard with our farms to be able to offer supreme venison all year round.

Fryer Rabbit

Our Fryer rabbit is naturally raised and yields meat which is exceptionally lean and packed with flavor.

All Fryer rabbits are less than 10 weeks of age, coming from farms that place sustainability as the priority. We offer both the New Zealand White and Californian breeds, with neither given any antibiotics or growth hormones whatsoever.

Our Fryer rabbits offer mild, light-colored meat which is the perfect fit for any menu looking to add that something special.

Duroc Bacon & Artisan Ham

Our applewood smoked bacon and artisan hams are made from Duroc sired hogs, specially bred for their flavor and juiciness.

Naturally raised, cured then smoked over specially chosen applewood, these bellies and hams are produced with quality and taste in mind.

Once smoked, our bacon is offered sliced or as a slab, while artisan hams are available whole, boneless or half boneless.